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What happens in a session and how much does it cost?

You'll already have spoken to me on the phone or we will have had a correspondence by email before we meet. Or you might have come to the clinic in person for a free half-hour consultation. In any case, we will both have a fair idea of what you want to achieve in your first session; but it's quite natural to feel a little nervous. The Wilbury Clinic is a very peaceful environment in a leafy street. You'll notice the calm atmosphere when you walk through the door. You can see the clinic here - but use the contact form below for hypnotherapy bookings.

Traditionally, psychotherapists of all stripes stick to a 50 minute hour. My sessions can take up to two hours. We'll start by taking some personal details and history; then we talk about what you want from your session - what you want to be able to do after hypnosis, what is going to change in your day-to-day life when things are different, how you'll know when you get to where you want to go (we always look for some way to measure the effectiveness of each session) - and we look at elements from your past which might be active in the present (for example, traumatic memories which trouble you still). I explain a little bit about hypnosis. By that time, you'll be feeling comfortably at ease and ready to begin hypnotic work.

It's a funny thing, but although it is true to say that hypnosis involves you relaxing and listening to my words, it's also true to say that you will be expected to participate fully in the procedure.

I'll often ask you to get a sense of doing something or seeing something or being a certain way, to make things really happen in your imagination - and you may well feel as though you've worked quite hard afterwards. That isn't surprising actually: neurological events are genuinely occurring as you work with me which have results that can be measured in your body.

So after the session, take some time out - a pleasant walk in the fresh air and maybe a drink of fruit juice to replace the glucose your brain has used up. Don't rush straight back to work. You won't be required to analyse what has happened in the session. You may remember most of it, or none of it, or bits of it. That's fine. Your unconscious will be investigating  the interesting new perspectives it has been working on and this process goes on over time. There is evidence suggesting that hypnosis carries on working and getting stronger as time passes - even months later, something will 'click'.  All I ask you to do is notice the changes and know that they mean things are getting better.

Everyone's unique and therefore, results vary. Sometimes just one session of therapy can make the lasting change you're looking for. Sometimes things take longer to alter. Or you might discover further potentials you want to unlock.



Sessions @ £80.00

​A limited number of concessionary rate sessions @ £​55.00 are available for unwaged, students or low income single parents​.

It's common to feel noticeably more relaxed and empowered from the first session onwards. 

Brief, Solution-focused Hypnotherapy aims to set goals and make changes within a maximum of ten sessions - but I recognise that people aren't robots and life is complex.  When we meet, we'll discuss how best to plan therapy.


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