Self Confidence




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Self-confidence looks very good in other people, doesn't it?

In fact, it can look so effortlessly natural that you might feel that everyone (except you!) was born that way...

And of course,  imagining that all that self-confidence is the result of being magically blessed from birth just makes it look harder to attain for yourself. Like wishing a fairy godmother had turned up at your cradle and sprinkled sparkles all over you. I'm not saying that a nurturing, supportive family and loads of opportunities don't make a difference - of course they do; but the steps to confidence are the same for everyone, whatever their backgrounds. And in my experience, people with difficult pasts are usually the most interesting and have the most to teach and share.

When you work with me, we always take the steps towards confidence one by one. We make specific goals by identifying real situations where you want to feel different about yourself and behave differently towards other people.  Using the natural process of hypnosis, you can run through a 'relaxed rehearsal' of future challenges and set yourself up for a more comfortable, positive experience, whatever the circumstances. Anything -  from talking to the boss to giving a wedding speech - gets easier after hypnotic practice.

It's time to dissociate from past difficulties and stop measuring yourself by other people's standards. Hypnosis can put you in touch with resources that maybe you've forgotten that you have.

Enjoy your unique blessings!

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